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Focusing on high-tech ultra-clean products, Baoshili helps the rapid development of "new quality productivity"

A recent meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee pointed out that new productivity is an advanced productivity that plays a leading role in innovation, breaks away from the traditional economic growth mode and productivity development path, has the characteristics of high technology, high efficiency and high quality, and is in line with the new development concept. From this definition, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, key semiconductor materials and equipment, intelligent manufacturing, etc. all belong to the category of new productivity.

Industry experts concluded that the new productivity requirements represented by the keyword "innovation" are further high requirements for self-reliance and independent research and development for the semiconductor industry chain, new materials industry chain, and innovative drug industry chain.

Against this background, Baoshili aims to replace imported products and achieve localization, continues to strengthen its independent research and development capabilities, and creates four series of products, including Ultra-Clean PFA Tube, Ultra-Clean PFA Connector, Ultra-Clean HDPE Drum, Cleanroom Wipes. To support the rapid development of emerging industries such as semiconductors, LCD panels, and photovoltaics.

High efficiency
Guarantee the stability of production in high-tech industries

Take the semiconductor industry as an example. Since the semiconductor manufacturing process uses a large amount of ultra-pure chemicals, ultra-pure gases, and involves chemical processing and other process links, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the production process, it is necessary to choose ultra-pure transportation pipelines, joints, valves and other components for transportation Related ultra-pure chemical raw materials.

The Ultra-Clean PFA Tube provided by Baoshili is a high-quality material that is widely used in liquid transportation, gas supply, chemical processing and other aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of semiconductor processes. At the same time, Ultra-Clean PFA Connector, Ultra-Clean HDPE Drums, and Cleanroom Wipes are also specialized products developed by Baoshili to meet the production needs of high-tech materials in many industries.

At present, Baoshili products have been widely used in semiconductors, LCD panels, photovoltaics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, microelectronics, optics, disks, automotive industry and aviation and aerospace fields.

High tech
Independent research and development of intellectual property rights

The key to developing new productive forces lies in strengthening technological innovation, especially original and disruptive technological innovation.
Up to now, Baoshili has obtained many safety and quality certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, QC080000, SGS Report, NEBB, and safety production standardization certificate; it has obtained 46 patents, and 27 patents are being accepted and disclosed. Practical review stage.

At the same time, in order to ensure the high-quality production of products, Bao Shili has introduced advanced units such as imported high-precision corrosion-resistant PFA pipe extrusion units, German KAUTEX, and blow molding imported injection molding machines; and utilizes 100-level laboratories, Agilent ICP-MS/ MS 8900 is used for metal ion precipitation detection and other methods. Baoshili conducts strict testing on each independently developed product and continues to create high-level ultra-clean products in four leading industries.

High quality
Professional services integrating research, production and sales

As one of the first manufacturers in the industry to develop and produce ultra-clean series products, Baoshili has a 3.5W square meter production plant and continues to provide standardized services and sustainable high-quality supply to high-tech enterprises in various industries. At present, Baoshili has reached long-term cooperation with a large number of top companies in the industry, such as Northern Huachuang, Huahai Qingke, GMC, and Shengmei.

"Adhere to professionalism, pursue quality, and serve attentively", Baoshili has always been committed to providing high-quality ultra-clean series products and services, and continues to work hard with the goal of building a sustainable international enterprise.

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