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2023丨Baoshili Annual Commendation Conference


We have gone through a busy and colorful 2023 and ushered in a vibrant 2024. The development of Baoshili cannot be separated from the hard work of all employees. The company held a commendation meeting on January 31, 2024 to commend the on-the-job contributions in 2023 Awards, Encouragement Awards, Outstanding Employee Awards, and Innovation Awards.

On-the-job Contribution Award

The days of working together are happy, and the days of struggling together are unforgettable! The development of the company cannot be separated from you. Thank you for your hard work for the company. You are diligent, hard-working, and responsible at work. After research and decision by the company, employees who have been on the job for 10 years will be awarded a gold coin award for on-the-job contribution, and employees who have been on the job for 5 years will be awarded a silver coin award for on-the-job contribution:

2023 Encouragement Award

In order to encourage outstanding employee candidates to make persistent efforts to become outstanding employees in the coming year, the company decided to give encouragement awards after research:

Outstanding Employee of 2023

In order to reward outstanding employees who work hard, achieve remarkable results and are well received, the company has decided to give outstanding employee awards:

2023 Innovation Award

In order to increase the stability of the company's production, we continue to innovate technology and improve product quality to better serve customer needs. After research and decision by the company, employees who have made good contributions will be awarded Innovation Awards:

Birthday wishes

The Spring Festival is approaching, birthday wishes go first. We still extend our most sincere blessings to the birthday girl this month and distribute birthday gifts.

The new year breeds new hope, and the new year will open a new chapter. In 2024, Baoshili will continue to adhere to professionalism, pursue quality, serve with heart, and work together to create a better future.

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